Kickstarter successful!

2 Mar

Successful Ice Cream Travel Guide kickstarter!

At 141% funded. $7098 raised. 138 backers.


At 1:56 PM on that Monday, my last backer put in his amount. He enjoys being on top, so he got the wish.

Honestly, the project has been a search for validation. Do people care about ice cream as much as I do? Do the people who journey far for ice cream really live out there? There are many times that I meet new people and as the words “ice cream travel guide” tumble out, I am often met with confused eyes. Some don’t really understand the words together and need some explanation. But others, mostly those satisfied with a stable job, ask…why?

“Because I can!” I say.

For the last several years after starting work in the real world, I felt like something was missing. I was working for the man (or sometimes the small man when at an agency), but no matter what, I was doing work for someone’s vision. Creating something that will be used by…people with money. At least someone with several hundred dollars that can be thrown around for fun. What about the moments of joy that cost only a few dollars? That’s where ice cream came in.

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