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8 Jan

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Stories range from a dairy plant in Ohio to a seventh generation ice cream shop in Philadelphia. That’s only America. In Taiwan, a grandson runs the ice cream shop just like his grandfather long before him. In Turkey, an orphaned boy grows up to be a gelateria maestro by sneaking on a ship to Italy and bringing the craft back to the neighborhood where he grew up on the streets. These are the stories of real humans.

Over 50 color photos are included.

Included are 13 recipes from the 31 flavors project. Rewritten and updated. Remember that celery flavored ice cream? Yeah, I do. Or the dulce de leche from Argentina sprinkled with chocolate chips? It reminds me of walking through the streets of Buenos Aires in the summer of December. Or even the eucalyptus ice cream that was inspired by a forage theme party in San Francisco? The most insane, delicious ice cream ever.

The journey to publishing this book has been long and hard. Despite that, I have learned a lot about people, running an ice cream shops, and obviously making ice cream. I had set out on a journey to learn something new, but instead, I discovered what I was seeking was all here at the beginning.

What do I mean by that? There’s a little bit covered in the Ice Cream Travel Guide, but I am thinking about writing a memoir of my experiences. It wasn’t just eating ice cream and having fangirl moments with gelato maestros and ice cream makers. It was about finding why I was searching for an ice cream (perhaps a substitute for the happiness that I had lacked at the time). And that it’s the people—the ones who enjoy something as much I do—that matter the most. The ones who care to have a scoop with me.

So will you get a scoop with me?

Ice Cream Travel Guide

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