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And now…experiencing ice cream elsewhere

9 Jun

Now that 31 flavors have been created, this blog will serve to follow iterations upon previous flavors and capture a few moments of the research of the Ice Cream Travel Guide.

I am on my 5th week traveling through New York, Philadelphia, Delaware, Italy, and Turkey to gather research for the final section of the Ice Cream Travel Guide.

Yesterday, someone asked in her Italian-accented English, “Why ice cream?”

I smiled and mustered the little bit of Italian I knew, “Perché no?”

Why not?

Ice Cream Travel Guide website launched!

3 Jan

Visit for more details (and sign up to get updates about the project).

But to start, let’s collect what has happened the last four months in my ice cream journey. Simply put, the research has been quite amazing. Ice cream business names not included (with a few exceptions), because you’ll have to read the book!

Ice cream is around the corner!

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