I have a question…

What is the project?

There are two.

Initial project and goal of this blog. Document the 31 flavors of ice cream I’ll be making in one year and any ice cream moments.

Second project. Ice cream travel guide. Visit ice cream destinations across the world and sharing with the world! That will be lightly documented here. More is available in the book (hopefully published in 2013).

I am self-funding the ice cream travel guide. Recently, I successfully raised funds for the Kickstarter.

Give me more details

Each of the 31 flavors will be inspired by:

  • A flavor I had while traveling
  • A food or ingredient that I had while traveling
  • A food or ingredient that truly represents my identity (not just talking about ethnicity here)
  • Before I turn 31, I plan to make 31 ice cream flavors. This blog will chronicle that journey.

    Who are you?
    Jenn. Sugar addict. Traveler. Ice cream lover. Writer. Ice cream is my answer to everything. Rewards, consolations, and socializing are always good reasons to have a scoop of ice cream. From experimenting with ice cream flavors for regular socials to bringing visitors to ice cream shops across my hometown of San Francisco, I am on a journey to chronicle ice cream destinations across the world for an ice cream travel guide.

    As a designer (day job), I am in the “happiness business”—designing for products that delight and pleasantly surprise users. As a writer, I am curious about this other “happiness” business—ice cream.

    Oh and this is me:

    Why you?
    Ice cream is my answer to everything.

    I have been foursquare mayor of Humphry Slocombe. I check into at least one ice cream destination per week.

    Dubbed as “an ice cream queen”, I substitute ice cream for going out to drink. I have led my friends (good sports they were) on three “ice cream tours” to ice cream destinations—daring them to eat as much ice cream as possible. I hosted a “happy hour” at San Francisco’s ice cream parlor Ice Cream Bar…for my birthday (no drunks at all, just sugar headaches).

    I have been a blogger for more than 10 years—for serious endeavors or personal self-preservation. Some of the content has been lost to the wild seas of the Internet and some are just open for discovery.

    With my day job, I am super experienced in talking to people. So a lot of these flavors will be inspired by those journeys to Seattle, Vancouver, Columbus, Taipei, Bangkok, London, Dublin, Milan, Bombay…the people there, the lessons I learn, the ingredients I find.

    So this is the journey of creating those 31 flavors. Will my friends get tired of eating ice cream with me? Will I get sick of ice cream? Will my lactose intolerance (apparently common in my ancestry) actually become real?

    Who knows. But I will make those 31 flavors and write that book.

    Why ice cream?

    Because of these reasons:

  • How it is a frugal option to spend quality time together
  • A culturally accepted alternative to going to a bar
  • Another way to lengthen a lovely evening (for some, only a summer evening
  • Every culture has some sort of frozen confection akin to ice cream. I love finding out what that is.
  • And doesn’t everyone love ice cream? Who hates it?

    How do you stay so thin? Especially with all that ice cream?

    Contrary to what most people think, I actually don’t eat ice cream every day. Like healthy people, I do partake in moderation (except when traveling and researching for the book!).

    When at home, I do taste the ice cream that I create regularly. However, I don’t eat scoops of it.

    Whenever it might be, my favorite moments of ice cream is when I share it. There’s nothing like seeing someone delight in ice cream as much as I do.

    How do you select the ice cream shops you visit?

    By my research. Unless the shop has significance to the region, all shops must be local, artisinal, and easy to reach from the city center.

    No shops pay me to be included. I contact them and visit them on my own expense. Because many of the owners vary in tech savviness (and unreachability), I often visit the shop and ask to speak to the owner.
    I have a question…

    Have you visited [insertnameofshop]?

    Yes, maybe, no. Tell me! In the United States, I know almost all the shops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Columbus, and New York. And some more in between… Abroad, you might be surprised how many places I have been!

    Do you plan to open an ice cream business?

    Never. I have this inability to pay attention to detail while cooking, so my culinary talents are not my forte. If quality food can made by a microwave, that’s what I would rather eat.

    The business side is much too challenging and repellent to me. I admire those who can work in this business (especially in the states!)…or just any food-related business. It’s hard work!

    Where have you traveled?